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Comprehensive Internal Control

Comprehensive Internal Control

  • 1.5 hour downloadable video content

  • 23 downloadable course materials

  • 35 explanatory questions and case studies

  • 1 practice test (20 Questions)

  • unlimited lifetime access

  • certificate of completion


Dear participant candidates,


During our training program, which I prepared in accordance with global standards with international accreditation and extensive experience in the fields of internal control, internal audit and risk management;


- Having a professional or academic interest in Internal Control, career plans and goals in the field of internal control,

- Aiming to advance his career in the field of internal control, internal audit and risk management, gain certification and increase his knowledge in the field of internal control,

- Those who want to obtain information they may need about management control techniques and internal control tools to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of internal control in the enterprise,

- Having improvement and project goals for the internal control system in their enterprises


The participants are informed about the necessary and needed information about internal control.


Within the scope of education;


  • Definition of internal control

  • International Internal Control Standards and Frameworks

  • Management Controls

  • Corporate Governance, Risk Management and Internal Control Relationship

  • Internal Control Tools, Types and Techniques

  • Benefits and Limitations of Internal Control

  • Effectiveness and Efficiency of Internal Controls


is focused on.


At the end of the transferred chapters, including important practical insights; It answers 22 explanatory test questions and 12 discussion questions explaining and examining 40 case studies. In addition, thanks to the 20-question trial test at the end of the training, the participants will be able to reinforce the knowledge they have learned by experiencing it.


In the creation of training content; It is aimed that the participants will contribute to the realization of their career and business goals, and that the training will be productive and enjoyable for the participants.


Participants, as a result of our training; they will have gained important knowledge, skills and competence regarding international internal control standards, internal control techniques and tools, the effectiveness and efficiency of internal control, the place and importance of internal control in the business.



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