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Enterprise Risk Management

Enterprise Risk Management



- 1.5 hours on-demand video 

-28 downloadable course material 

- 20 Practice Questions&Answers With Explanations 

- 1 practice test (35 Questions) 

- Unlimited Lifetime Access 

- Certificate of Achievement 




Dear participant candidates,


I have nearly 25 years of professional experience as a senior manager, management and project consultant in the public sector, Internal Auditor/Inspector and Manager in the banking sector, as well as having international accreditations in the fields of internal audit, risk management and internal control.


Enterprise Risk Management is critical for businesses to achieve their goals and effectively manage risks. The strategic value of enterprise risk management has become even more important today, where business management is becoming more and more complex.


As an internal audit, risk management and internal control professional with international accreditations and extensive experience, I prepared the training program in accordance with global standards.


The course scope consists of the following sections:


  1. Fundamentals Of Risk Management
  2. The Effectiveness Of Risk Management
  3. Internal Audit of Enterprise Risk Management System


As can be seen in my presentation document, explanatory visual narration in order to provide the understanding of the training subjects more easily and to convey the important subjects in a striking way has been used. 


At the end of the sections, 30 questions in total containing important practical insights are answered. In addition, thanks to the trial test of 35 questions at the end of the training, participants will be able to reinforce their knowledge.


By the end of the training; the participants will gain advanced level of knowledge, skills and competence regarding risk management standards, risk terminology, risk frameworks, risk assessment, risk responses and the importance of enterprise risk management in the business. 

I recommend you review my training and take a look at sample lessons and practical tests which include enterprise risk management principles and practices, where I convey and reflect my professional experience and expertise in the field of risk management.


By participating in the training, you will add significant value to your knowledge towards the realization of your career and business goals.


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