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Digital products are downloadable files, such as music files, illustrations, images or e-books.


Delivering Digital Files to Customers

When the customer purchases a digital product, the file is delivered to the customer after the product fee is collected.

  • Payments received immediately: As soon as payment is received (e.g. credit card, etc.), a confirmation email with a download link is sent to the customer.


  • Delayed payments: If the payment does not arrive immediately (for payments made via manual payment, bank transfer, EFT), the download link will not be included in the confirmation email sent to the customer. Once payment is received and after the order is checked and manually marked as Paid then a second email is sent to the customer with the download link.

Resending Digital Files

The download link sent to customers is active for 30 days. It cannot be used later. 

Cancellation-Refund Policy

Returns are not accepted for digital trainings in our products category.

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