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Commercial Law

  • Commercial Business Law

  • Corporate Law

  • Joint Stock Company Law

  • Limited Companies Law

  • Cooperatives Law

  • Negotiable Documents Law

  • Bills (Written Promissory Note) Law

  • Cheque Law

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Intellectual Property Law

  • Intellectual Law

  • Trademark Law

  • ​Internet Domain Names Law

  • Business Name & Trade Name Law


​Logistics and Transportation Law

  • Law of Transportation of Goods by Road

  • National Goods Transport Law (Turkish Commercial Code)

  • International Goods Transport Law

  • Law of Transport of Goods by Air (Turkish Commercial Code) 

  • Passenger Transport and Passenger Rights Law

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Contracts Law

  • Private Debt Relations

  • Sales, Goods Exchange (Barter), Rent, Financial Leasing, Usage Loan (Lending), Consumption Loan Attorneyship, Letter of Credit, Brokerage, Commission, Surety, Assurance and Transaction Contracts

  • Forgiveness

  • Commercial Agents and Other Merchant Assistants

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Health Law

  • Patient-Physician Rights and Obligations

  • Medical Intervention & Criminal Liability

  • Legal Liability of the Physician

  • Responsibility of Health Institutions

  • Disciplinary Investigation of Civil Servants

  • Financial Responsibility of the Administration in Health Services

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Labor Law

  • Labor Law

  • Severance Pay

  • Individual & Collective Labor Disputes

  • Union Practices

  • Collective Bargaining Agreement

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Social Security Law

  • Social Insurance Management-Premiums 

  • Work Accident and Occupational Disease Insurance & Liability

  • Illness and Maternity

  • General Health Insurance

  • Private Pension System


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