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GP&Partners Business Academy&Consultancy  


Appointment Services

Amounts paid by customers who do not/cannot attend online live training or webinar sessions are deducted from the start of the training.up to 3 days ago is returned.


To cancel or reschedule online live training session or webinar registration,up to 3 days ago, You can contact our Company at (+9) 0 212 939 26 52 or our e-mail address or Giz 2000 Plaza, Eski Büyükdere Cd. Mail must be sent to our address: No:7, 34398 Maslak/Istanbul.


In refunds for appointment services, bank transaction commissions and expenses belong to the customer, and the remaining amount after deducting the commissions and expenses arising from money transfer and EFT transactions sent to the customer's name and/or account for refund purposes, is refunded to the customer.


Digital Products

Returns are not accepted for digital trainings in our products category.

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